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UPS til rackmontage

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  • 6 kVA / 5.4 kW Professional...

    6 kVA / 5.4 kW Professional Online UPS for 19" Rack / Tower, including battery bank. When safety must be at the top

    6.0 kVA / 5.4 kW UPS inkl. batterier
    UPS 6000VA 5400W, 176-300VAC
    Model 230V: +/- 10%, 50Hz (+/- 0.1%), 2 - 6 ms typical, Simulated Sinewave
    Alarm: UPS Status, ladeniveau, batteriniveau, Input/Output, afladning og fejl indikator
    Dimensioner: 580mm (D) x 438mm (W) x 133mm (H) (3U)
    Til 19" rackmontage 
    Vægt: 17 kg

    Price 37,264.00 DKK
    Product code: UPS-6KVA-RED
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  • 3 kVA / 2.4kW UPS with LCD...

    3 kVA / 2.4kW UPS with LCD Display. 19" Rack / Tower. True sine curve, incl. battery box for 6 pcs. 12V/55Ah. 10 hours w/200W

    Top class 3.0 kVA / 2.4 kW online UPS / emergency power
    Input: 110-300 VAC 40Hz-70 Hz
    Output voltage: 230 VAC / 50Hz
    LCD Display
    Single phase
    Genuine Sine Curves - gives less noise on the output voltage
    Rack / Tower 2 in 1
    Built-in input OVCD
    Foot / stand or for rack mounting
    1 x IEC 320 C20 Terminal (input)
    4 x IEC 320 C13 (output)
    Approvals: IEC 62040-1 (safety) IEC-62040-2 (EMC)
    DC input 
    Incl. battery pack: 6 x 12V / 55Ah

    Price 17,600.00 DKK
    Product code: UPS-3KVA
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  • Manuel bypass-switch, 6 x...

    Manuel bypass-switch, 6 x IEC C13, 1 x IEC C19,

    Bypass-Switch til udskiftning eller vedligeholdelse af uafbrydelige strømforsyninger (UPS)
    19" rackmontering, 1U
    Synlig LED-Display
    1 output „zur USV“ IEC C13, 10A / IEC C19, 16A
    1 input „von USV“ IEC C14, 10A / IEC C20, 16A
    4 x IEC C13 udgange 14A 
    3 x RJ45, LAN og Sensor
    1 x IEC C14 10A/ IEC C20 16A Strømforsyning

    Price 3,158.00 DKK
    Product code: SW-BPASS6
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  • 500VA / 300W UPS for DIN...

    500VA / 300W UPS for DIN rail, incl. 1 piece. 12V battery, line-interactive, 2-6 ms on time, True sine curve

    UPS with DIN bracket for control panel, electrical cabinets, rack cabinet like.

    Compact all-in-one to the DIN rail UPS 500VA / 300watt
    Output voltage: 230VAC / 50Hz - genuine sine wave
    Line-interactive means switching at power failure (2-6ms)
    Nødforsynings time: 50% load for about 12 minutes
    Noise level: Less than 40 dbA at 1 meter
    output voltage is sine wave
    4-6 hour recharge time to 90% capacity
    Auto restart on mains supply restored
    Battery: 1 pc. 12V / 7Ah - see manual for life
    Dimensions: 250 x 135 x 115 mm | Weight with battery: 2.8 kg
    Operating temperature: 0 - + 40 ° C

    Price 5,874.00 DKK
    Product code: UPS500DIN
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  • 6kVA / 5,4kW Professional...

    6kVA / 5,4kW Professional UPS with add-on battery boxes. On-line and real sinus. Rack/Tower design. Power management etc.

    Professional ON-LINE UPS. Life-critical equipment, Serverrum etc.
    UPS is separate battery boxes with Hot-swappable battery design
    Double-conversion UPS with noiseless output voltage
    Select if the UPS should be installed in the rack or stand as Tower
    Nominal input voltage: 200 - 240VAC at 100% load
    Voltage range: 110 - 300VAC at 50% load
    Output voltage: 200 - 240VAC (230VAC 50Hz)
    On-line means that battery backup is always connected - no power switching
    Each battery box contains 20 pieces. 9Ah batteries - must be purchased
    Intelligent UPS with power management, communications ports, display and alarms
    Dimensions: UPS and battery box: 606 x 438 x 133 mm (3U)
    Noise level: Less than 58 dbA @ 1 m

    Price Call for price
    Product code: UPS-6KVA
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