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16 x Voltage inputs, up to...

16 x Voltage inputs, up to +/- 10V, 16bit, 2 analog outputs +/- 10V, 16bit, 16 DI / DO, LAN

Measurement module with 16 analog inputs (16 bit, ± 10V, ± 5V, ± 2V, ± 1V)
Sample speed 250kHz
2 analog outputs (16bit, ± 10V)
Galvanically insulated to LAN
16 Digital Inputs - TTL / CMOS
16 Digital & Nbsp; Outputs - TTL / CMOS
3 Counters (32 bit, max 16 MHz) for Pulse, Increment Decoder or Pulse Time Measurement
TCP/IP Ethernet Power supply from PoE or externally with 12-40VDC - Real-time synchronized
Windows, MAC, Linux drivers
Supplied with programming examples in VB, C ++ Delphi, .NET
Can be used with NextView, LabVIEW, and Profilab Graphic Programming Software
30-day free trial with NextView 4

Price 9,592.00 DKK
Product code: AD16S2-ETH
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  • Board til fjernkontrol og...

    Board til fjernkontrol og måling via Internet/LAN, 1 x DI, 1 x AI, 1 x Relæ, 1-Wire temperaturføler

    Open board til smart temperatur- eller fugt måling and styring
    Password beskyttet Web baseret konfiguration og kontrol
    1 x digital input med “dry contact” og “logic level” mode
    1 x analog input fra 0 til 60VDC
    1 relæ output med NO/NC kontakter
    1-Wire input til 1 temperature eller fugtmåler
    SNMP v.1 support
    SNMP traps ved alarm
    E-mail udsendelse ved alarm
    SMTP med godkendelse (SSL/TLS er ikke supporteret)
    HTTP og XML API kommandoer
    Remote FTP firmware update.

    Price 524.00 DKK
    Product code: TCW112-CM
    Physically in stock  
  • Module for remote control...

    Module for remote control and measurement via Internet / LAN, 2 x DI, 2 x AI, 2 x Relay output, 1-wire sensor input

    Module with smart temperature and moisture measurement and control
    Password protected Web based configuration and control
    1-Wire interface for 2 temperature sensors
    2 x analog inputs from 0 to 60VDC - 10bit resolution, 100mV display
    2 x digital inputs with "dry contact" and "logic level" mode
    2 x relay output with NO / NC contacts
    E-mail broadcast by alarm
    SMTP with authentication (SSL / TLS is not supported)
    SNMP v.1
    SNMP traps generated alarm for HTTP and XML API commands
    Remote firmware update.

    Price 686.00 DKK
    Product code: TCW122B-CM
    Physically in stock  
  • Remote control and...

    Remote control and measurement module, IP watchdog for restart, 2 x DI, 2 x AI, 2 x relay output, 1-wire sensor input, 10-14VDC

    Module with password protected Web based configuration and control
    1-Wire interface for 2 sensors
    2 x relay outputs with NO / NC contacts
    2 x analog input with 0 to 60VDC
    2x digital input with "dry contact" or "logic level" mode
    Stable IP watchdog monitoring - for restarting equipment
    SNMP v.1 support
    SNMP trap conditional messages
    VLAN and MAC address filtering
    Remote FTP firmware update.
    12VDC - purchase PSU

    Price 686.00 DKK
    Product code: TCW122B-WD
    Physically in stock  
  • Datalogger til digital og...

    Datalogger til digital og analog signaler via Internet/LAN, 2 x DI, 2 x analog, 2 x relæ udgang, 1-wire input, MODBUS

    Stand-alone Datalogger via Ethernet
    Hukommelse for 70.000 målinger
    Password beskyttet Web baseret konfiguration og kontrol
    2 x digital input “dry contact”
    2 x analog inputs med 0 til 10VDC, 10-bit opløsning
    Multiplier og offset for analog input
    2 x relæ med NO/NC kontakter
    1-Wire interface til 8 følere
    SNMP v.2 support
    SNMP traps op til 5 alarm typer
    MODBUS TCP/IP support
    E-mail til 5 modtagere ved betinget alarm
    HTTP API kommandoer
    NTP og dynamic DNS support
    Remote firmware update.
    10 - 32VDC - purchase PSU

    Price 1,740.00 DKK
    Product code: TCW220
    Physically in stock  
  • Dataopsamler via...

    Dataopsamler via Internet/LAN, 4 x DI, 4 x analog input, 4 x relæ udgang, 1-wire til følere, MODBUS

    Dataopsamler modul med WEB interface med enkel konfiguration og kontrol
    4 x digital input “dry contact”
    4 x analog inputs med 0 til 60VDC
    Multiplier og offset til analog inputs og sensorer
    1-Wire interface til maks. 8 sensorer (maks. 16 parametre)
    4 x kraftige relæ udgange med NO/NC kontakter
    MODBUS TCP/IP support
    SNMP v2 support with trap alarm til 5 modtagere
    4 stk. skemaer for real-time kontrol af relæ udgange
    Kunde specifikke logiske funktioner til relæer
    Secured email
    XML/JSON og HTTP API kommandoer for client-server
    Dynamic DNS support for DynDNS, No-IP og DNS-O-Matic
    NTP support for tidssync
    Remote firmware update via standard browser
    Robust DIN-Rail/vægmontering.

    Price 1,646.00 DKK
    Product code: TCW241
    Physically in stock  
  • Ethernet-based output...

    Ethernet-based output module with 2 x analog output, 4 x digital out with PWM, 2 x relay contact, MODBUS

    Multi-Network Output Module with Galvanic I / O
    10/100 Mbit Ethernet Connection
    Password Protected WEB Server
    2 Analog Outputs with Voltage and Power Generator
    0 - 20mA, 4 - 20mA, 0 - 24mA
    0 - 5V or 0 - 10V voltage output
    4 digital (open drain) outputs with ON / OFF or PWM
    2 relays with COM, NO and NC contacts
    4 scheduled actions, 1 time or weekly
    NTP, SNMP v2, SNMP trap for up to 5 recipients
    HTTP upload with current status in XML or JSON remote server file
    HTTP API commands in server and client mode
    HTTP Post can be sent to 3 servers
    DIN rail / wall mounting
    Supply voltage: 10 - 32VDC / max 250mA

    Price 2,104.00 DKK
    Product code: TCW280
    Physically in stock