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  • 15 dBi 2.4GHz outdoor MIMO...

    15 dBi 2.4GHz outdoor MIMO - 2 in 1 antenna, 2 x N female

    Outdoor 2.4GHz omnidirectional antenna, MIMO type
    2 pcs. 15dBi omni antennas in the same houses
    MIMO is Multi-in, Multi-out principle
    Vertical spread is 23 degrees
    Horizontal spread is 360 degrees
    Designed to minimize the phasing out of the radio signal
    Mast mount included with 2 x N socket

    Price DKK498.00
    Product code: WLAN-OMNI15MIMO
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  • 11 dBi Udendørs MIMO 2 i 1...

    11 dBi Udendørs MIMO 2 i 1 Panel antenne, 2,4GHz, mastestrips

    Udendørs Panel-antenne, MIMO typen
    2 stk. 11dBi omni-antenner i samme hus
    MIMO er Multi-in, Multi-out princippet
    Vertikal spredning er 9 grader
    Horisontal spredning er 90 grader
    Designet for at minimere udfasning af radiosignalet
    Mastestrips medfølger
    2 x N hun stik

    Price DKK452.00
    Product code: WLAN-PANEL11MIMO
    Physically in stock