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  • 15 dBi 2,4GHz Outdoor Mimo...

    15 dBi 2,4GHz Outdoor Mimo - 2 antennas in the same tube, 2 x N female. Length 41 cm, radiation H 360 ° V 23 °

    Outdoor 2.4GHz omnidirectional antenna, MIMO type
    2 pcs. 15dBi omni antennas in the same houses
    MIMO is Multi-in, Multi-out principle
    Vertical spread is 23 degrees
    Horizontal spread is 360 degrees
    Designed to minimize the phasing out of the radio signal
    Mast mount included with 2 x N socket

    Price 766.00 DKK
    Product code: WLAN-OMNI15MIMO
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  • 19 dBi 2,4GHz Parabol...

    19 dBi 2,4GHz Parabol antenne, N hun, mastebeslag

    Udendørs retningsbestemt parabol-antenne 19dBi
    Vertikal spredning er 7 grader
    Horisontal spredning er 8 grader
    Mastebeslag - justerbar - medfølger
    N hun stik
    1070 x 610mm

    Price 1,243.00 DKK
    Product code: WLAN-PARABOL19R
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  • 2.4GHz 14dBi X-polarized...

    2.4GHz 14dBi X-polarized panel array, H 30°, V 30°, 2 x N female, the mounting bracket for the tube and wall

    Dual-Polarized 2.4GHz Panel Antenna Provides Best Connect To Portable Devices With Wifi
    Has Both Horizontal And Vertical Polarization In The Same Antenna
    14dBi High gain Antenna
    Horisontal and vertical: 30°
    IP55 Close
    Compact Lighting Lighting Antenna to the 2 N-female connector
    Ideal for good wireless coverage

    Price 642.00 DKK
    Product code: WLAN-PANEL14-2.4DP
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  • Wireless Dual Band WiFi...

    Wireless Dual Band WiFi Rover Antenna 2.4GHz, 5GHz, 6 dBi, H 360 °, V 30 °, 290mm High, N-female

    Outdoor / Indoor Omni Antenna for 2.4GHz and 5GHz
    Frequency Range: 2400 to 6000MHz
    Gain: 6 - 7dBi
    Vertical Polarization
    Half Power Beam Width (-3dB) - Horizontal 360 °
    Half Power Beam Width (-3dB) - vertical 30 °
    XPD (Cross Polarization Discrimination) & gt; 18d
    N female connector
    Diameter: ø38 / 62mm
    Dimensions: 290 x 26mm
    Weight: 0.30kg
    Operating temperature: -40 ° C - 80 ° C

    Price 668.00 DKK
    Product code: WLAN-OMNI6-DB
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