5 dBi 2,4GHz Omni whip-antenna, magnetic foot with cable, RSMA male connector. Length 25 cm

Indoor 2,4GHz Whip antenna 5 DBI
Removable Rubber antenna
RSMA Han connector
Height 25cm
Cable length: 1.5m

347.00 DKK
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Omni-directional - D.V.S. When mounted vertically, the radiation is almost equal in all directions in the horizontal plane (horizontal spread is 360 °).

Internally, they consist of a number of vertical dipoles that lie in continuation of each other. Therefore, the gain that can compete with the YAGI antennas.

When it comes to "point to point" - connections, panel, yagi or satellite antennas like a better choice.

198 mm (H)
Horisontal spredning
R/ RSMA han
Vertikal spredning