RS232/422/485 - CANBUS

RS232/422/485 - CANBUS

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RS232 / RS422 / RS485 Converter (Slave) to Can2.0 A / B Master. Modbus RTU slave to CAN. 10 - 30vdc.

Module to Can 2.0a and B
ISO 11898-2 standard
Baudrate 10Kbps for 1M bps
software for setting CAN and RS232 / 422/485
Transparency between RS-232 / 485/422 Via CAN bus
Full duplex on RS-232/422 units are not supported
CAN Bus Baud Rate Configuration
CAN Accept Filter Configuration
CAN 2.0A or 2.0B Specific Choice
RS-232 / 485/422 Baud rate and data file setting
RS-232/485/422 Respond Options
Setting: Normal or pair connection

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Product code: M485-CAN-IA-M
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