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  • RFID Reader / Write, USB to...

    RFID Reader / Write, USB to Desfire TAG 13.56MHz, Including API Development Tool

    Supporter NXP Desfire EV1 / EV2 Read / Write
    Supporter Desfire Tags
    Supporter Auto Read Desfire UID / Block
    Reading distance: Up to 5 cm
    built-in two-color LED and Buzzer
    API Development Shooting Included
    Support Decimal, HexideCimal and ASCII ID Formats
    Supply Voltage: USB from PC
    Unique Serial Number Identification (UID)
    Operating temperature: -20 to + 65 ° C
    Dimensions: 62.3 x 87.7 x 18.4 mm

    Price 2,841.00 DKK
    Product code: RFID-USB-DESFIRE
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  • RFID reader Mifare,...

    RFID reader Mifare, UltraLite, DesFire 13.56MHz, 40bit HEX. USB HID keyboard emulation. In the form of a USB stick

    RFID 13.56MHz Mifare reader
    Looks like a USB stick
    ISO14443A standard
    5VDC/100mA from USB port
    USB 1.1
    UID code as 40 bit HEX. HID to USB port
    40 bit UID
    Reads the same code once on presentation
    Automatic CR and line change
    Reading distance up to 2 cm
    LED tri-color
    Dimensions: 70mm x 20mm x 9.8mm
    Weight: 18g
    Reading speed: less than 100ms

    Price 1,346.00 DKK
    Product code: RFID-M-USB
    Physically in stock