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Dome IP Kamera

A dome camera is the small round camera with glass protection around the camera and is most useful for ceiling mounting. Depending on quality, a dome camera is secured against vandalization which protects against vandalism. It depends on how strong the glass is which the camera is protected from, most quality dome cameras are vandal proof and water resistant with POE connection.

Dome IP Kamera

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  • 2MP PTZ camera with motion...

    2MP PTZ camera with motion control, auto movement. Mic and speaker to talk. Good for simple monitoring solutions.

    2 Megapixel motokamera with manual and auto movement
    355 degree horizontal movement
    70-degree vertical movement
    Can be controlled via the app and smartphone
    Sends alarm to phone
    Motion Detection
    Built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication
    IP66 waterproof
    Can automatically follow the movement of people
    Supporter SD micro card up to 128GB
    Built Wifi
    1 x RJ45
    1 x 12V DC
    1 x Reset button

    Price 493.00 DKK
    Product code: KAM-U-DOM-PTZ
    Physically in stock  
  • Udendørs vandalsikret 4K IP...

    Udendørs vandalsikret 4K IP PoE domekamera 8MP IR H.264

    Infrarød lyskilde op til 20M
    udendørs vand- og støvtæt IP66
    PoE / 12VDC forsyning
    H.264 / M-JPEG kompression
    Motion Detection, IP check, RJ45 kabelbrud (KUN ved brug af RJ45), Schedule, DI
    8 Megapixel

    Price 1,919.00 DKK
    Product code: KAM-U-DOM8MP4K
    On the way in  
  • 32MP distributed to 4...

    32MP distributed to 4 camera, panoramic monitoring 360 degree angle, POE +

    4 x 1 / 1.8 "8MP CMOS
    H.265 / H.264
    @ 25fps 7680 × 4320
    Fixet lens
    edge extension on the image 7680 × 4320
    video mode: full screen 360 ° panoramic angle
    IOS android support
    1 x RJ45 (1000 Base-T)
    Power supply: PoE + or 12VDC
    Dimensions: 112.2 × 112.2 × 90mm
    Weight : 01.25 KG

    Price 15,593.00 DKK
    Product code: KAM-U-MULTI
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  • Udendørs IP PoE domekamera...

    Udendørs IP PoE domekamera 5MP IR

    Infrarød lyskilde
    udendørs vand- og støvtæt
    5 Megapixel
    PoE / 12VDC forsyning
    Motion detection,eksternt digital input ,schedule
    H.264 / MPEG-4

    Price 1,600.00 DKK
    Product code: KAM-U-DOM5MP
    Physically in stock  
  • 5MP IR H.264 + / H.265...

    5MP IR H.264 + / H.265 vandal-proof outdoor IP PoE dome camera

    Network camera to 5 Megapixel
    infrared light source up to 20M
    IP66 - water jet proof against splashing (high pressure)
    PoE / 12VDC supply
    + H.264 / H.264 / M- JPEG compression
    Motion Detection, IP check, RJ45 cable break (ONLY using RJ45), Schedule, DI

    Price 1,499.00 DKK
    Product code: KAM-U-DOM5MP-H265
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