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Smart network tester, PoE,...

Smart network tester, PoE, Length, Cable search, Port flash on switch. Passage test

PoE 802.3 at/af type a/b and non-standard PoE 5~60V
Measurement of cable length (2.5 ~ 200m). Accuracy: ±1.6m
Continuity test: Shows diagram of the conductors in the cable. Range: 600m
With special flash sequence, switch port can be identified
Can show speed on switch port.
Can show auto negotiate on switch.
Scan: Sends a tone over the cable that can be intercepted. Makes it easy to find the right cable, among other cables.
Battery: 3 x AAA, 1 x 9V (not included)

Price 890.00 DKK
Product code: TEST-RJ45-POE-L-S
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