Mini Load Cell Compression / Tension

Interface Model Mini load cells - Load Cell is excellent for industrial applications due to its robust, environmentally protected construction together with proprietary Interface temperature compensated strain gauges. They are available in many sizes and designs, such as S-type, stainless steel, sealed. Available as push / pull or push. Contact sales for guidance.

Mini Load Cell Compression / Tension

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SMT OVERLOAD PROTECTED S-type road cell, 10N (1Kg)

SMT Overload Protected S-Type Load Cel

  • Proprietary Interface temperature compensated strain gages
  • Overload protected in both tension and compression
  • Safe overload to 10X capacity
  • High performance
  • Low creep
  • 1 to 450 lbf
Price 10,839.00 DKK
Product code: SMT-1-10N
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  • Mini Load Cell Series for...

    Mini Load Cell Series for pressure and traction measurement. Stainless steel. From 22N to 2200N. Waterproof model avalible

    Environmental sealing drawing and compression road cells
    proprietary interface Temperature compensated load meters
    Drag and print
    small size
    Construction of stainless steel
    variant for immersed in liquid
    mV/V 2.0
    For Strain Gauge with 350 Ohm
    Select the model with Newton Specification that fits the task
    Price depends on weight class and sealing

    Price Call for price
    Product code: LC-WMC-TRYK
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