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400W AT power supply PS2...

400W AT power supply PS2 format for 115V/230Vac

1 X AT Power Switch
AT P8 and P9 connectors
4 x Molex 4 Pin
1 x Floppy 4 Pin
Trainee blower with ball bearing
115/230 Volt AC 60/50 Hz, SWITCH!
100,000 hours max load at +25°C
Incl. power cable

Price 1,980.00 DKK
Product code: PS400AT
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  • MPS-5200E AT XT power supply

    MPS-5200E AT XT power supply

    Kingspao MPS-5200E AT XT Computer Power Supply

    115V Switchable 230V 50-60Hz

    190 watts

    3 x Molex

    2x floppy 4 pin

    AT connector

    Price 605.00 DKK
    Product code: PS200WL
    Physically in stock  
  • MPV-200BT AT power supply

    MPV-200BT AT power supply

    MPV-200BT AT computer power supply

    115V Switchable 230V 47-63Hz

    200 watts

    4 x Molex

    1x floppy disk 4 pins

    AT connector

    Price 597.00 DKK
    Product code: PS200W
    Physically in stock