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HDMI Audio Splitter - HDMI...

HDMI Audio Splitter - HDMI input with HDMI Loop Out. Audio out via 3.5mm stereo jack. SPDIF AUDIO (Toslink). 5.1CH

HDMI Audio Extractor
Pulls audio out of HDMI stereo / 5.1CH
1 x HDMI input
1 x HDMI loop out output
1 x Audio / audio 3.5mm jack
1 x Sound / Tosilink
Analog stereo audio signal to headphone or audio amplifier
Digital audio (optical) for TOSLINK
2 CH stereo or 5.1 CH Dolby Digitlal
Powered via the USB port

Price 333.00 DKK
Product code: HDMI-HDMI-A
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  • Analog to Dante Network...

    Analog to Dante Network Audio Converter over IP

    Two XLR connectors, 2ch input for analog audio
    Sample rates up to 96kHz
    48V PoE/ 5V USB-C
    Dante audio over IP and AES67 RTP transport formats
    Synchronous sample rate conversion
    Excellent dynamic range, SNR and RHD performance
    Supports DHCP & static IP configuration

    Price Call for price
    Product code: BOOST-AUDIO-IP-TX
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