Profibus - Ethernet

Profibus - Ethernet

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Profibus DP Master for...

Profibus DP Master for Ethernet Slave Devices Gateway. DIN

Gateway from Ethernet slave to PROFIBUS master
protocol / hierarchy: DP-V0 Slave
PROFIBUS Speed ​​(Kbps) in 10 step from 9.6 - 12000
speed setting is automatic
Max. Input data length: 240 byte
Max. Output data length: 240 bytes
Address setting: 0 ~ 126 Set by DIP switch or EEPROM
Ethernet protocol: TCP / UDP server / client
Configuration: Web Configuration

Price 4,672.00 DKK
Product code: M485-PROFI-ETH-I
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  • Profibus Master (RS232) for...

    Profibus Master (RS232) for 4 Port Hart Slave Gateway Converter.

    PROFIBUS TO HART Convert, Gateway
    4 x HART Canals
    Max. 2 pcs. HART Masters
    Point-to-Point or Multi-Drop HART Mode
    Possibility of connecting 15 HART modules
    PWR / RUN / ERR indication LED
    Built-in Watchdog
    4 kV ESD Protection
    Operating temperature -25-75 ℃
    for DIN rail mounting

    Price 6,204.00 DKK
    Product code: M485-PROFI-HART
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