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Analog I/O card

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Adlink ACL-8112HG. 16...

Adlink ACL-8112HG. 16 kanals A/D dataopsamling, 12bit, 100kS, PCIE

100KHz 16Ch Analog Input A/D Card - High Gain.
16 Single-Ended or 8 Differential Analog Input Channels
Bipolar or Unipolar Input Signals
Programmable High-Gain x0.5, x1, x5, x10, x50, x100, x500, x1000
12-Bit Successive Approximation A/D Converter (AD774 or equivalent)
On Chip Sample & Hold
Two 12-Bit Analog Output Channels
16 Digital Inputs and 16 Digital Outputs
Integral DC-to-DC Converter for Stable Input Operation
37-Pin D-Sub Connector
Compact Size - only half-size PCB

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Product code: AD16S12DAQ
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  • AD card, PCI 12 bit A / D D...

    AD card, PCI 12 bit A / D D / A data acquisition - PIO-821HU CR

    12 bit A / D card with programmable gain
    16 "single-ended" or 8 differential
    45Khz for sharing between active channels (Conversion time: 8 μs)
    D / A output: 1 output with 12 bit resolution
    Area: 0-5 V and 0-10 V; linearity: ½ bit; stabilization time: 0.6 μs
    Didital I / O: 16 TTL input and 16 TTL outputs
    12 bit ver. incl. drivers for DOS and Win.
    Connectors: DB37 female connector for analogue inputs and outputs
    2 x 20 pin IDC connectors for 16 digital inputs and outputs and counters

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    Product code: AD16S12PCI-H-I
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  • 16 Chanel A/D...

    16 Chanel A/D dataopsamling, 12 bit, 16 D/I og DO, PCI

    Driver til DOS og Windows

    Supporterer 3.3V eller 5V PCI bus
    12-bit A/D, sampling rate op til 110kS/s
    16-CH single ended eller 8-CH differential inputs
    On-board A/D FIFO
    Bipolar eller unipolar analog input område
    16-CH TTL DI og 16-CH TTL DO
    2-CH 12-bit multiplying analog outputs

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    Product code: AD16S12PCI
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  • 16 kanalers A/D...

    16 kanalers A/D dataopsamling, 12 bit, PCI. Stort måleområde: 5mV til 5V, op til 45 KHz

    Supportrer +5 V PCI Bus
    Maksimum sampling rate er 12-bit A/D converter er ca. 45.000 samples/sec
    16 single ended eller 8 differential analog input
    Software selectable input område
    A/D trigger mode: software trigger, pacer trigger, external trigger
    Programmable high gain: 1, 10, 100, 1000 (PIO-821H/HU)
    Input range: ±5V,±0.5V, ±0.05V,±0.005V(PIO-821H/HU)
    1-channel 12-bit D/A voltage output
    16-channel 5V/TLL digital input and output
    Interrupt handling

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    Product code: AD16S12PCI-H-I+
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