Media Converter - RJ45 to BNC / AUI

Media Converter - RJ45 to BNC / AUI


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Ethernet (RJ45) to BNC...

Ethernet (RJ45) to BNC converter, 10Base

Converter 10Base-T to 10Base-2
1 x RJ45 from Hub / Station select swich
1 x BNC to 10 Base-2
100m max. per UTP cable
185m max. Coax
12V DC, 1 Amp
0 to 55 ° C
10 to 90% (Non-Condensing)
IEEE 802.3 10Base-T / 10Base-2
Network: Star - CSMA / CD

Price DKK1,000.00
Product code: ETH-RJ45BNC
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  • BNC for 10Base-5 networks,...

    BNC for 10Base-5 networks, BNC / AUI, 500m Thick Ethernet (10BASE5)

    AUI converter for BNC cable, external supply
    1 x DB15 male to 10 Base-5 (AUI)
    1 x BNC jack for 10 Base-2
    Max cable length: 500m max per (Thick Ethernet), 182m max (Thin Ethernet)
    IEEE 802.3 10Base-5/2 Ethernet and FCC Class A Subpart B or Part15 Requirement

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    Product code: ETH-AUI-BNC
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