Wireless Load Cells

Interface Force Measuring Systemer

Wireless Load Cell are ideal where cables are a problem or not possible.

The communication is Wifi and coverage up to 600 meters if line of sight to AP.

Contact DANBIT for price and delivery time - most Interface Load Cells are made to order.

Wireless Load Cells

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Wireless load cell in...

Wireless load cell in stainless steel as Shackle (shackle) for crane, wire-stag and the like. 4 weight classes up to 35 ton

Crosby shackel with built-in road cell - wireless transfer
4 weight classes - up to 35 mega ton
Economic-proof for IP67
certified shackle and load-pin
2.4GHz WiFi
Battery operated
Up to 12 shackles per measuring instrument
Order for desired weight class
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  • Wireless Load pin load cell...

    Wireless Load pin load cell in stainless steel. WiFi with WTS, range up to 600 meters. Weight class up to 1,36 ton

    Weighing cell as a shakel pin can weigh up to 1,360 tonnes
    Low power consumption for long battery life
    Up to 600 meters range
    Configured and calibrated via PC
    Calibration using a base station and telemet tool set < Br> WiFi interface with WTS
    robust lightweight house with built-in antenna
    environmentally set for IP67

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    Product code: LC-WTSLP-LOADPIN
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