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PS/2 extender for USB

PS/2 extender for USB

PS/2 tastatur/ muse adapter
Overfør tastatur og mus 100 meter via UTP netværkskabel. 
Består af et sendermodul og et modtagermodul.
Indbygget USB-HUB

Price DKK518.00
Product code: BOOST-USB-TM
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  • PS/2 extender for keyboard...

    PS/2 extender for keyboard and mouse

    PS / 2, CATx extender - extension
    Pull a PS / 2 signal up to 100 meters over a CAT5 / 5e / 6/7 UTP network cable
    Consists of a transmitter module and a receiver module
    Passive, requires no power
    Receiver: 2 x PS / 2 and 1 x RJ45 connectors
    Transmitter: 2 x PS / 2 and 1 x RJ45 connectors

    Price DKK560.00
    Product code: BOOST-PS2-TM
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  • Booster for PS/2

    Booster for PS/2

    Forlænger: op til 80 meter mellem pc og skærm, tastatur og mus

    Price DKK263.00
    Product code: BOOST-PS2
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