16 port 12VDC, 8 Amp power supply box for rack. Built-in automatic fuse at max. 1.1 Amp per port

19" Rack power supply with 16 12 volt outlets
Output current per port: 0.5Amp
Total power consumption: 8 Amps (96 Watts)
Fuseless current limiter per port max. 1.1Amp
Built-in PTC as short-circuit protection
120 - 230VAC input
Screw terminals
Dimensions: 437 x 170 x 44 mm
Weight: 2.6kg
Operating temperature: -10 - +45°C

1,923.00 DKK
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The power supply box is ideal together with a UPS and emergency power generator in connection with a power failure. It can be placed centrally in relation to ordinary mains adapters, which typically sit in sockets that do not have emergency power. The DC12V-16P-R is a rack-mounted power supply that supplies 12V DC via 16 outputs. Built-in automatic fuse on each port, so it can still maintain voltage on the other ports if there is a short circuit on another port. 19” Rack mounting

Built-in automatic fuse for all the outputs, which, for example, prevents a short circuit from taking the power from the others. Automatic connection after short circuit takes place after 1 min. second

44 x 437 x 170 mm
-100 ~ + 450 C
230V AC
Total udgangsstrøm
12V DC reguleret
ca. 4 Kg