5 - 19VDC (56W) DC / DC converter from 12 - 24VDC. Car and aircraft adapter for i.a. portable

Output voltage selects with special & nbsp; jumpers
Universal power supply for notebooks
input 12 - 24VDC 90W

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Universal Power Supply for the notebook
Replacement or extra notebook charger from & nbsp; 12-24 VDC
Compact charger replacing the original power adapter for laptop, netbook or notebook.

Mounted 0,65m cable with flight connector and for c12Vdc car outlet power
12-24 VDC
12 V/4,74 A, 15V/4,74 A, 18V/4,74 A, 19V/4,74 A, 20V/4,5 A, 5V/2A (USB-port)