FireWire IEEE1394b ”bilingual” adapterkabel 6-polet han – 9 polet han FW800/FW400, sort, 1,8m

6-polet IEEE1394b firewire adapterkabel han til 9-polet han kabel FW800.

114  DKK
Eksklusive MVA
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IEEE1394b ”bilingual” kabel beregnet som adapterkabel mellem FireWire800 og FireWire400

  • Up to 7 times faster than Standard Firewire
  • 9 Pin Male to 6 Pin Male
  • 1394b Construction
  • Up to 3.2 Gigabits per second
  • Molded strain relief for unsurpassed durability

Comprehensive Firewire 800 cables are the next generation of Firewire cables. Firewire 800 cables conform to the 1394b standard which greatly increases bandwidth and speed when compared to the original 1394a standard. Firewire 800 cables can more than transmit data at 800Mbps-twice that of 1394a which only transmits at 400Mbps-and the 1394b standard will eventually allow speeds up to 3.2 Gigabits per second. Firewire 800 cables also can be transmitted up to 100 meters using CAT-5 or Fiber systems compared to only 1394a which can only be transmitted up to 4.5 meter