32GB SATA Industrial flash disk, MLC MDS module

32GB MLC Industriel flash til SATA, lodret montering

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Industrial flash disk (SSD) for PC.

Bootable Solid State Disk for direct connection to the SATA port

FLASH-SATA32GB is an industrial flash disk without moving parts, also known as Solid State Disk (SSD). They are robust and resistant to vibrations and temperature fluctuations, which makes them very suitable for use in industry. SSD flash disks come in two variants: SLC (single layer cell) and MLC (multi layer cell).

FLASH-SATA (1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 GB models are SLC type, FLASH-SATA32GB is MLC type)

FLASH-SATA32GB supports the "quick erase" function, which actively deletes all partitions on the disk. This is done by pressing a button at the top of the module with a paper clip, the PC must then be restarted to see the change.

ATTENTION! When installed, FLASH-SATA32GB may block other SATA ports

Tåler vibrationer op til 20 G samt stød op til 1500 G
0 – 70°C, 5 – 95% ikke-kondenserende
Indikatorer og kontakter
2 dioder (aktiv og læse/skrive)
32 GB
100MB/s (SLC), 70MB/s (MLC)
Lodret montering
50MB/s (SLC), 30MB/s (MLC)
+5V ± 10%, tilsluttes via 4-pin MOLEX til 2-pin stik (kabel medfølger)
SATA II (overførsel op til 3GB/s)