Magnetic card reader, 3 tracks, USB as virtual COM port

Connects to the USB port - but emulates a serial port, suitable for older software and newer PCs

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MCR123S USB + connected to a free USB port and is seen by the operating system as a serial device. The device is automatically assigned an available COM port number, for example. COM3. Al Communications Option with the device then takes place using COM3.

Drivers manual and configuration software included.

Programs written for magnetic card readers for the serial port will function with this reader without changing software . Ideal for use of existing software on new PCs that are not provided with serial ports

28 x 34 x 100 mm
Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista og 7. Strømforsynes fra USB porten
spor 1 (alfanumeriske data), 2 og 3 (numeriske data)