RF-UHF modulator sends the video image out on the antenna cable with stereo. Analog sends to old TV. UHF band

Analog TV RF signal
image from analog camera can be displayed on analogue TV channel
band UHF - band IV - 427 - 643MHz (from CH 21 - 37)
Band UHF - band V - 649 - 877MHz (from CH 38 - 69)
Channel selection with pushbutton - Remember setting
LED Channel Display

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KAM-MODUL is an RF modulator. The supplied video and audio signal is converted into an RF signal (TV signal) sent on the connected antenna cable. It is possible to use TV that is not ready for "the new TV signal" as the cam module requires only an analog tuner.

With KAM module, image and sound from a surveillance camera f. Ex. appear on a TV as a channel. Several comb modules can be connected to the same antenna system, when choosing each one's channel.

TV modulator

1 Video input (Composite video signal) with 1 x RCA / phono connector
1 stereo audio input (line signal) with 2 x RCA / phono connectors
1 RF Exit with F-antenna plug (w / thread)
The box makes the video and audio signal for an optional TV channel
The supplied antenna adapter gathers the existing antenna signal and the new TV signal from the box in one antenna cable, so video image and sound appears as an Alm. TV channel on television
channel selection takes place with buttons on the front and channel displayed in the display
Optional channel: 58 ~ 94 and 100 ~ 138 (427.5 ~ 643.25 MHz and 649.25 ~ 877.25 MHz )
Optional TV system (PAL B / G, PAL I, PAL D or NTSC)
remembers the setup after possibly. Power failure
Adjustable output power
supplied with 9 ~ 12 VDC (max. 500 mA). 230 VAC. Power supply included

Forsynes med 9 ~ 12 VDC (maks. 500 mA). 230 VAC. Strømforsyning medfølger
1 videoindgang (Composite video signal) med 1 x RCA/Phono-stik
1 stereo lydindgang (linesignal) med 2 x RCA/Phono-stik
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