Track 16 x 230VAC C13 and 4 x 230VAC C19 outlets, LAN controlled switching on and off, power measurement per outlet

Track - 20 x 230 V outlet, built-in power consumption meter.
Can be cascaded with nine slaves.
Ethernet password. logo Email alert for exceeding limits and the errors

1-pole relay output - switcher L

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Turn on / off servers and target power consumption. View current consumption per. outlets.

NPOWER20 contains a power meter that shows the total consumption and the actual consumption per. outlet. Each of the outlets 20 can be independently adjusted to a max./min. power, so if this value is exceeded, can be taken is set to shut down and send alert via e-mail. Mine. flow alarm can be used to monitor the equipment has been switched off by mistake.
Up to 10 pieces. NPOWER20 can be cascaded, one master and 9 slave units so that these can be controlled / monitored from the same web interface via master unit.
Supports TCP / IP, SNMP, HTTP, SMTP, SSH, SNTP and Telnet.
Built-in LCD display that can display total consumption and per. outlet.
Each of the outlet 20 is equipped with a green light emitting diode that lights up when the outlet is on.
At restart of several units at the same time it is only connected to a few seconds between each port so that the NPOWER20 < / strong> is not overloaded by the inrush current when power supplies, etc. starts up.
NPOWER20 can send an email when an outlet exceeds a preset max. or min. The solution is the current value of 100 mA per. outlet.
Password-protected WEB access.
20 x 230 V voltage taps to servers / computers. The 20 outputs can be controlled independently of each other.
Connection via IEC63309-2 male connector 32A Ø56mm.
outlet 16 of the type C13 and IEC320 outlet 4 of the type IEC320 C19.
Max. output: 32 A (230V) the total of 20 outputs.
Built-in power cable at the top, of about 2 meters.
Can be mounted in a 19 "rack. Brackets for 19 "rack included.
Remember power cable between NPOWER20 and equipped

1720 x 67 x 70 mm (H x B x D)
0º C til 55º C.