Switch equipment on and off via the network. "IP ping of stable Web page" for auto-reset. Time schedule. 2 x 230VAC outputs

Relay box for switching on/off 2 x 230 VAC equipment via the network
Shows current power consumption and ambient temperature on PC.
Web server built-in - password-protected.
Time schedule - time table for switching on/off
Time table for on/off. 2 x 230VAC outputs

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NPOWER2+ is a compact box for monitoring and switching on/off/restarting electrical equipment using built-in automation or by operating the built-in Web server ("home page") over the Internet/local network.
The device contains a Watchdog that "pings" at suitable intervals, e.g. a server on the network powered by NPOWER2+.
The supply to this unit is briefly interrupted if no response is obtained to the "ping" command. The built-in website can be operated from any PC via the local network or the Internet and is used to turn off/on the connected equipment.
There is password protection against misuse. Likewise, network equipment, such as routers, firewalls, wireless access points etc. that "hang" are restarted. In this way, you can get a "fresh connection" without having to be there yourself to press the switch.
NPOWER2+ can e.g. is set to "ping" or http request a stable server on the Internet. If the ADSL router, which is supplied via NPOWER2+, "hangs" and there is no response, NPOWER2+ will automatically restart the router by turning off and on the supply.

Turn on and off via network. Automatically restarts equipment that "hangs". Driver and software are available during download

100 x 114 x 109 mm (H x B x D)
Der kan indstilles 1 – 10 sek.