1 channel temperature/humid logger 0 - +55°C, 10 - 95% RH. Wireless to collects up to 150m, BT. External sens. Battery operation

Wireless Temperature and Humidity Logger with memory
Bluetooth to T&D Thermo APP
Sending measurement data to Data Collector (Base Station) at 870MHz
Distance between Data Logger and Data collector up to 150 meters
Battery operation up to 10 months at an upload per day
2 x 8,000 measurements in memory with the date and time stamp
Accuracy of measurement: max. + / - 0.3 ° C, +/- 5% RH
Removable external sensor. IP64 with O-ring
Free Cloud service: TD WebStorage for Data Collector
LCD display shows current measurements
PC software: tools and presentation included
Data Logger setup with Data Collector Optical
Dimensions: 62 x 47 x 19 mm
Battery type: LS14250 x 1

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Tax excluded
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LOG-WL503 series allows you to mix and match a variety of wireless radio communications Loggers with various base units or data collectors to meet your needs. Logged data can be automatically sent via network or mobile communications to be stored in the cloud storage or to a specific location.

All-in-one sensor to LOG-WL503 has a temperature measurement range of 0 to 55 ℃ and can measuring the humidity from 10 to 95% RH.
lOG-WL503 loggers have a wireless radio communication space of compatible base units of up to 150m (492ft).

Data can be transferred from a logger to a base device, and then automatically uploaded to the cloud storage, or stored at a particular location. Data can also be checked on your PC monitor or on site with one of our compatible data collectors.

LOG-WL503 with its wireless radio communication functions are perfect for applications where temperature and humidity at different measuring points are managed in one time, for example. In the temperature-controlled storage facility and storage.

Ekstern temperaturføler og fugtføler medfølger til LOG-WL503
2 x 8.000 målinger
- 40 – 80 °C
0 – 55 °C fugt 10 – 95 % ekstern føler