Switch equipment on and off via the network - "IP ping Watch dog" for auto-reset of equipment - 230VAC

Network-based device for switching on/off 230 VAC equipment.
Web server built-in - password-protected
Can ping a stable IP address and if there is no response - switch equipment off and on
Timetable for switch on and off - scheduler
Additional mains cable: K-PWR-SHUKO180

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The voltage supply for 230 VAC devices can be controlled with NPOWER1+ , which is inserted between the voltage supply and the device. From any PC on the local network (or over the Internet), the relay in the NPOWER1+ can be connected and broken.

The device is operated by entering the IP address of NPOWER1+ in a Web browser, after which a built-in website (web server) appears. It may possibly used to restart equipment that may be locked up such as routers and PCs. In this way, it is easy to restart e.g. a locked server and with the Watchdog timer function an ADSL cable modem or router if it does not receive a response from the Internet.

Remote control of 230 VAC supply via local and internet.

10/100 Mbit Ethernet connection with RJ45 connector.

Supports the protocols HTTP, TCP/IP, SNMP, DHCP, DDNS and NTP.

NOTE: Restarting equipment or turning it on/off via the Internet requires a known IP address - either a fixed one or you can use Dynamic DNS (DDNS). It requires that the router supports DDNS, which works in such a way that the router contacts the DDNS provider (e.g. dyndns.dk) and gives its current dynamic IP address, after which the DDNS server associates the dynamic IP address with a fixed web address, e.g. .eg "minkonto.dyndns.dk" or "www.mitdomæne.dk/npower1". To use this function, an account must be created with dyndns.dk or other DDNS providers.

It also requires that the selected port in NPOWER1+ be forwarded to NPOWER1+'s internal IP address in the router.

85 x 85 x 85 mm (H x B x D)
Tilsluttes 230 VAC. Maks. belastning er 1920 watt (ca. 8 A)
Watchdog genstarter apparatet ved manglende respons. Der kan indstilles 1 – 9.999 sek. mellem hvert ”ping” eller http forespørgsel før genstart. Udgangen kan også tændes og slukkes ud fra en tidstabel.