8 Channel PDU for monitoring and managing electronic equipment via local and internet. Slave units can be connected

Power distribution device for on and off of 8 x 230vac
monitoring of total power consumption, temperature.
with slave devices Connected: Up to 128 outlets.

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npower-mst + is a central power distribution unit (PDU) control unit, for monitoring temperatures, power consumption (in ampere) and for on / off / restart of its 8 outputs or several via slave units

npower-slv + operation takes place via the built-in web server ("website") over the Internet / local networks.

NPower-MST + can control up to 15 Slave units (NPower-SLV +) with up to a maximum of 128 outlets in total. Up to 20 password-protected users can be created, which can individually be authorized to control individual or all outlets on one or more slaves, to prevent abuse.

Npower-MST + can monitor the room temperature and humidity using. Connection of NPower-MST + T, and alarms if the temperature or humidity exceeds the selected permissible value.

NPower-MST + can have built-in weekly schedule, so outputs can be turned on / off from a time table.

LED Display: ID and power consumption. 4 x 2-pole contacts, supply max. 230VAC 10 A max. On each outlet. 8 Press buttons to manually turn on and off the 8 outputs.

2 x RJ11 connectors to connect the slaves, max. 100 meters between them. Max. 1000 meters in total. 1 x RJ45 (10/100 Mbit) Ethernet connector. Setup takes place via logon with user in the built-in web page, 20 password protected users. Support SMTP, SNMP, TCP / IP, DHCP and NTP.

44 x 445 x 216 mm (H x B x D)
0° C – 60° C.