Service console via the USB port on notebook. To VGA and USB and PS2. Up to Win7.

Suitable for the service technician
For Servers, embedded PCs that are not connected to KVM
A laptop will now be screen, keyboard and mouse.
Box has input for VGA
Box has USB output for emulation of keyboard and mouse.

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Using KVM Console a notebook PC can be transformed into a keyboard, screen and mouse that can be connected to, for example, servers, infos, industrial PCs, KVM server switches or other devices that have USB or PS / 2 connectors for mouse and keyboard and VGA display output.

Therefore, the service technician & nbsp; do not carry so much equipment. It can all be in a notebook bag.

No drivers are required in the equipment that is serviced, as KVM KONSOL by default appears keyboard / mouse / monitor. This allows the device to be checked during the entire boot - including BIOS boot.

On the notebook, a bundled program is installed. The screen is scaled up or down depending on the maximum resolution of the device and the notebook.

Bliver forsynet via USB
Op til 1920 x 1200
Windows 2000, XP, Vista og 7 32/64 bit, 8, MAC OS X og Linux