KVM Extender, Max 200m, VGA, USB (PS2) with local and remote module, EDID, max 1920x1200. USB is only for keyboard and mouse

Max. 1920 x 1200 pixels
1 x KVM Extender Console Unit - Remote module
1 x KVM Extender Computer Unit - Local module
1 x 12V DC Power supply included for remote module
1 x KVM cable ( VGA)
USB (2 on Console Unit, 2 on PC Unit)
Only VGA and USB Mouse / Keyboard Transfer
Does Not Transmit Touch from Monitor
USB is only for mouse and keyboard
For point RJ45 network cable up to 200 meters
with Edid Emulation
2 controls for the same PC
Video adjustment

2,982.00 DKK
Tax excluded
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Boost 200 is a KVM extension (Keyboard Video Mouse), which consists of a local and remote module, so a PC or server can be operated locally or up to 200 meters away via a stp (shielded) network cable. Boost 200 transfers the signals for both mouse and keyboard and image in full HD with highest resolution (WUXGA) 1920 x 1200 and (UXGA) 1600 x 1200 points. Is equipped with a good image compensation.

IMPORTANT: Can emulate missing edid with programming of desired image resolution - is a requirement at Win7 and later.

PC or server connected to Boost 200 can either be with USB or PS / 2 Connection. If the PC has PS / 2 outputs, use 1 pcs. k-boost200-p as well as 2 pcs. CNV USB PS2 + one for the local module and one for the remote module. Keyboard and mouse must be with USB, also for PCS with only PS2.

included 1 pc. Multicable from Extender to PC with VGA and USB connector

Cat. 5. 5e, 6 UTP cable
maks. 1920x1200
Billedopløsning, farve og kontrast indstilles via ”hot-keys”, på tastaturet hvis dette vælges på boksen. Videoopsætningen har 4-16 skalerbare valg (skarphed og lys)
1 x 180cm KVM kabel
1 x 12V DC
4 x USB (2 på hver)