DVI-D extender via Multi Mode fiber cable with SC, up to 1.2 km, 1080I, transmitter and receiver

Transmitter and receiver for transfer of DVI signal up to 1.2 km via fiber optic
SC Multi Mode fiber cable PC and monitor
Also transfers audio signals to microphone and speaker

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Consisting of a local module that plugs into the PC's video card with DVI-D output and a remote module attached to a monitor with DVI-D input. Local module and remote module is connected with a 1 x duplex multimode SC fiber optic cable. See DANBITs selection of SC fiber optic cables

Fra nærmodul til fjernmodul Med 50/125 μm fiberkabel op til 1,2 km Med 62,5/125 μm fiberkabel op til 700 meter
DVI tilslutning
DVI-D (digital DVI signal)
230 VAC til 12 VDC, 1,5 A netadaptere medfølger
2 x 3,5 mm jack hunstik til mikrofon og højtaler ind/udgang
1080I v/1,2 Km og 50/125 μm fiberkabel 1080P v/800 meter og 50/125 μm fiberkabel 1080I v/700 meter og 62,5/125 μm fiberkabel 1080P v/350 meter og 62,5/125 μm fiberkabel