2500VA UPS, uninterruptible power supply - line interactive, incl. batteries. with RS232

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2500VA UPS
Modified sine wave to 5 hours of recharging time
Alarm v. Low battery and overvoltage
Connector: 4 x IEC ed and 1 x IEC engrave.
1 x RS232 / DB9 female connector
Operating temperature: 0-40 °
Supports automatic shutdown via software download included. 4 x 12V / 12 Ah battery

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Power failure often results in data loss to a greater or lesser extent. To achieve high data security is important to servers never shut down when data is treated - even if power fails. This UPS can most servers kept running in the time required to shut down the system properly. With 1 pc. battery pack has UPS runtime of approximately 6 minutes at full load. The operating time can be extended by using up to four battery packs (3 extra), a total of ca. 24 minutes of durability at 1500 W. Each battery pack delivers 2500 VA. Should servers or the entire network last longer, may be an emergency power generator with the UPS.

Bip hvert 3. sekund hvis batteri er aktivt, bip hvert sekund hvis batteriniveau er lavt og kontinuerligt bip ved overspænding
4 x 12 V 12 Ah
Mod over- og underspændinger, overbelastning og kortslutning
197 x 143 x 408 mm
(90 %) 5 timer
RS232 serielport, DB9 hunstik. Ved backup tilstand kan der sendes signal via denne port
Der medfølger software, der giver avanceret information, såsom ladestatus, ind- og udgangsspændinger, e-mail advarsel, skemalagt test af UPS og meget mere.
Modificeret sinuskurve
4 x IEC stik til udgang og 1 x IEC stik til indgang (standard pc spændingsforsyningsstik)
Under 40 dB (ved 1 meter)
UPS: 15 kg, batteripakke: 20 kg