ADLINK PCI-7230. 16 kanalers isolerede digitale input, 16 kanalers isolerede digitale OC-output , PCI NEW!

16 optoisolerede indgange, fælles stel (minus) og 16 optoisolerede udgange, 

Supports a 32-bit 5 V PCI bus
16-CH isolated digital inputs
16-CH isolated digital outputs - Open-Collector
5000 VRMS optical isolation
Sink current up to 500 mA on each isolated output

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OPTO16I16PCI (ADLINK"s PCI-7230) is a 32-CH isolated input and/or output cards which provide a 2,500 V optical isolation protection. The wide input range of the OPTO16I16PCI makes it easy to sense the status of external devices. The non-polarity characteristic is suitable for a wide variety of industry applications. The OPTO16I16PCI device also feature a wide output range from 5 to 35 V, which is suitable for relay driving and industrial automation applications. The OPTO16I16PCI also provide two interrupt sources on digital input channels.

69 x 120 mm
16 optoisolerede, fælles stel (minus) Logisk 0: 0-1,5 VDC Logisk 1: 5-24 VDC
1,2 kΩ / 0,5 W
2.500 VDC på ind- og udgange
Drivere til Windows 2000, XP, Win7 og Win8 Labview og Linux medfølger
DB37 hun
16 optoisolerede, fælles stel (minus) "Open collector" 5-35 VDC Kan trække op til 500 mA til stel