Firewire IEEE1394b beta kabel 9-polet han – 9 polet han FW800, sort, 2,0m

IEEE1394b beta kabel beregnet til FireWire800 bussen. Forsynet med 2 stk. 9-polede FireWire stik.

9 PIN/ 9 PIN BETA FireWire 800 - FW800 kabel

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FireWire800 Beta er kun beregnet til FireWire800 udstyr. FireWire800 bilingual understøtter også FireWire400.

FireWire 800 (FireWire 1394b) is a FireWire interface which doubles the throughput of the original IEEE-1394a FireWire interface from 400Mbps to 800Mbps!

"Bilingual" Firewire cables allow you to connect older Firewire 400 devices to newer Firewire 800 ports.

Twisted pair construction and triple shielding reduces cross talk and maximizes data transfer rate

Fast data transfers, rated up to 800Mbps (limited by device/port speed)

Meet FireWire 800 and 1394b specifications

Plug-and-Play, hot swap compatible, allows connection and disconnection of FireWire devices without shutting down computer