Amps tongs for use with multimeter or data logger

Strandtang adapter for multimeter
measuring range: 0 - 60A AC or DC
Output signal: 10: 1 or 100: 1
Up to 20khz

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The power input adapter INST-TANG is connected eg. a multimeter or a data logger and clamped on a conductor of the cable to be measured. INST-TANG is battery operated and is therefore very useful for measuring and data logging in electric cabinets and in installations, for example. together with a data logger.

Measures 0 - 60 A DC or AC.

For use on wires up to 9 mm in diameter.

Output voltage 10: 1 or 100: 1.

At 10: 1, it gives 1mV every 10mA

Max. measurement frequency 20KHz
Max. 300V DC & nbsp; or 240VAC RMS.

Used with a multimeter or other that can measure a

DC voltage with input impedance of at least 1MΩ