Side 4 - Rack - kabinetter

Side 4 - Rack - kabinetter

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  • 12U 19 "rack cabinet,...

    12U 19 "rack cabinet, black, 60cm deep, 2 doors, with fan

    19 "12U high rack cabinet
    2 x doors (with glass front / rear in mild steel)
    2 x removable sides
    2 X 120x120 mm 230VAC blowers located at the top.
    400mm in length between front and rear profiles

    RACK CABINETS sent by courier!

    Price 1,999.00 DKK
    Product code: RACK19"S12
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  • 19 "24U quiet rack cabinet...

    19 "24U quiet rack cabinet with up to 20dB sound reduction, 145cm deep

    19 "24 unit quiet rack cabinet - elegant furniture design with 20dB sound reduction (measured 1m from the cabinet)
    Material: steel, wood, soundproof cotton
    Top cover: Wood and steel
    Door: Wood
    Rear door, side panels and bottom: steel
    Dimensions: 750 x 1040 x 1063 mm
    Weight: 168 KG

    Price 12,940.00 DKK
    Product code: RACK19"S24SD+
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