Side 5 Automater - betalingsskabe

Side 5 Automater - betalingsskabe

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DANBIT also offers...

DANBIT also offers contactless payment systems

DANBIT can provide a total solution for card payment and contactless purchases in unmanned automated machines, such as ticket machines, copiers, kiosk machines, rides, puzzles and more. The cashless payment solutions can accept most forms of payment

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Product code: PAY-STANDARD
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  • Fully Automatic Kiosk...

    Fully Automatic Kiosk Cabinet - Vending Machine with fridge 5 - 25 ° C, can keep items fresh

    Fully automatic kiosk with cooling function
    Can be used for flowers, wine, food, gifts etc.
    Keeps the goods at a constant temperature
    3 carousels with 2 compartments in each
    Built-in 21 "LCD touch screen
    Supports LAN, WiFi, (option 3G / 4G)
    Cooling temperature 5 - 25 ℃
    Optional payment system eg QR, POS, IC card, coin deposit etc.
    Floor model for AC100-220V, 50 / 60Hz
    Consumption: 650W, Stand by 50W
    Dimensions: 1400 x 1000 x 1900mm
    Weight without content: 330kg
    Gray as standard, but available in several colors

    Price 65,299.00 DKK
    Product code: KAB-VENDING3
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