Wireless inspection camera with DVR recorder

IP67 tæt kamera med lys. Kamera kun 4,5 - 9 mm i diameter

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Borescope with built-in video recorder that stores the recordings on a microSD flash card (not supplied). council and fungal attacks in buildings, breaches of sewers, cylinders or cavities in cars (control of rust protection) and the like. The camera has built-in light that can be adjusted using the buttons on the handle.

The video signal is transmitted wirelessly from camera to monitor that has its own battery built-in. The screen and camera can therefore be separated so that it is easier to view the image when searching with the camera. See the picture below right. The inspection camera comes as standard with a 4.5 mm thick, 1 m long hose with the resolution 320x240 points. If you want a longer tube or higher resolution, you can freely choose between the other hoses in the price lines.

4 x AA (medfølger ikke)
microSD flashkort (medfølger ikke). Max. 32 GB
Inspektionskamera med 1 m fleksibelt 4,5 mm tykt kabel
Mål og vægt
440 g inkl. batterier
320 x 240 pixel
3,5” aftagelig TFT-LCD farve skærm med opladeligt LI-batteri, vægt ca. 140 g
til opladning af LI-batteri i monitor medfølger
Analog videoudgang til ekstern skærm. Kabel medfølger