Magnetic card reader with PS2 connection

For tracks 1, 2 and 3

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Magnetic card reader for all 3 tracks. Keyboard connection ensures easy installation. Powered by the PS2 keyboard port. 2 screw holes with M3 thread in the bottom ensure easy mounting on the substrate.

Connected in series with the keyboard via the PS2 port.

Software is not required since MCR123 works with all operating systems.

Read data is inserted where the cursor is as if entered (HID)

Many built-in setup options software;

among others. can be set audio, line changes, reading speed, language (including æ, ø and å), Prefix and Suffix

Grøn lysdiode indikerer godkendt læsning og rød betyder fejl
spor 1 (alfanumeriske data), 2 og 3 (numeriske data)