Test generator for VGA monitors. 34 different test patterns. Checking monitors after repair.

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VGA screen tester controls max resolution
34 different patterns
can quick reveal of a monitor is with biiled error

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The screen generator is a useful tool that streamlines the process of setting the screen's optimal image. From a number of built-in patterns, test images are generated on the screen, as it is set. The test images are designed to reveal problems with image quality and update frequency. The image generator is set using the built-in LCD display and menu buttons. Test-Mon-VGA can advantageously be used by repairers and technicians to test and set the image on a screen with VGA.

Test-Mon-VGA Can also be used in installing videoExeners over network cables where grid patterns reveal all inaccuracies in cable compensation settings and facilitate correction of these.

test options:

34 different test patterns.


5 buttons for selecting Test

RGB. Farvedybde 32 bit VGA
Genopladeligt, 6~8 timer per opladning
35 x 95 x 181 mm
12VDC (100-240 VAC strømforsyning medfølger
162 MHz. 38 VGA videotiminger
Min. 640 x 350 v/65 Hz Maks. 1600 x 1200 v/ 60 Hz
Indbygget LCD display