4-20MA transmitter for PT100, including 3-wire PT.100 sensor, steel and 2M steel Flex cable. Supply voltage 24VDC.

Pt.100 transmitter for your mounting
2 - 3-wire pt.100 sensor (red to 16, 2 x blue to 18 and A2
24v to 15 and 26
4 - 20 mA power Out of 16 and 26
4 - 20 mA The output gives power to PLC / instrument
Including PT100 feel with 80mm, Ø4MM Steel Tips
2 meter Flex cable
Supply voltage: 24VDC
Dim : H 74 x L 105 x B 22 mm

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Complete temperature sensor for your shine assembly
See Connection diagram on the side of the box. 3 Thread PT100 input - can accept a 2-wire sensor. PT100 feel included.
Do not supply voltage RIL 4 - 20mA terminals - can damage the transmitter !! The 4 - 20ma are generated from the transmitter. 4 - 20ma The inlet is 2 threads and is independent of the cable length to the plc or measuring instrument, as it is a current. If the unit of measurement is not for power, but for voltage, a 120 Ohm resistor transversely over the gauge's input terminals to make the stroky loop.

Make any. Test with a 120 ohms resistor between 15 and 25 and target a voltage of approx. 1.5V at 22 ° C. Check that the voltage changes when the sensor tip is warmed up or cool down.

0 - 50° C
24 VDC 2 W
DIN skinne eller panelmontage
-20 – 130 °C
4-20mA. Strøm ved: -20 °C 4 mA 130 °C 20 mA