Ethernet over 2-wire connection with VDSL. 10/100Mbit. 4 Ports Switch. Up to 1.4 km between 2 VDSL modules

Use VDSL connection over 2-thread cable where WiFi is an unstable connection

up to 1.4 km above eg. Conducted phone cable with 2 pcs. VDSL modules
Use 2 pcs. ETH-VDSL2+4+ or ETH-VDSL2+A and ETH-VDSL2+4+
Ethernet over 2-wire connection with VDSL
Ideal solution When the network distance is over 100 meters of border
ideal solution when a WiFi Link is an unstable connection
providing a transparent data connection
supply: 5VDC, 2A power supply included
DIP switch: VDSL connection must be set to CPE and the other for CO.
Prepared for your Montage, wall assembly. Your fittings are purchased
Order 2 pcs for a set.

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Break the 100 meter limit by reusing existing twisted pair telephone lines, e.g. between two buildings separated by road, or between the stable and the dwelling for eg. video surveillance.

ETH-VDSL2 + 4 + supports 2 profiles - 17a and 30a. 17a is the most ideal for long cable lengths, 600 meters and above, where 30a is better for cable pulls below 600 meters.

2 pcs. ETH-VDSL2 + 4 + can be connected up to 1.4 km / 20 Mbit / s (17a) or up to 300 mv / 100 Mbit / s (30a). ​

Dip switch, master / slave switch, 17a / 30a, 6dB / 9dB and fast / interleaved mode.

Note that to use 2 converters. Can possibly. combined with ETH-VDSL2 +

Lysdioder angiver Link / aktivitet / CO / CPE
4 x 10/100 Mbit RJ45 porte. 1 x RJ11 VDSL port. 1 x RJ11 analog telefonport