RS232 for parallel port or parallel port for RS232

Measuring equipment for RS232 printer port can now be connected to a parallel port (LPT port)
Parallel printer port can now be connected to a serial port (RS232)

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Serial to parallel or parallel to serial converter
Direction selected with DIP switch
Speed: 1,200 - 115,200 bps, select w / DIP switch
Parallel port: Speed ​​115.2 kbit / s
Data buffer of 96 bytes
Handshake: DTR or XON / XOFF
Databit: 7 or 8
Parity: Odd, Even or None
DCE plug connection
Supply: 7 - 18 VDC, 2 mA via 2.5mm jack connector or via serial port DTR and RTS
Plug: Serial port: DB25 female / Parallel port: DB25 female
CNV-UNI + is not bi-directional and therefore cannot send messages from printer to pc about any. ink status, "end of paper" etc.

7 – 18 VDC, 2 mA via 2,5mm jack stik eller via seriel porten DTR og RTS