2 port USB2.0 extender up to 100m through the RJ45 cable

Icron USB Extension - LOCAL and remote unit
Up to 100 meters over UTP / STP
2 x USB port - Version: USB 1.1 and 2.0
24VDC / 1A PSU incl. the remote unit
PSU kan be connected two LOCAL or remote unit
Support up to 11 USB units from 3 USB Hubs

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The maximum length of a normal temperature. USB cable is 5 meters but BOOST USB100-2 is an easy option to extend it up to 100 meters between a PC and a USB device. The connection between the transmitter and the receiver is established with a UTP / STP network cable. BOOST USB100-2 functions as a USB hub as remote module provides 2.4 USB ports available. Connection is made easy since no software is required. Multiple USB devices can be connected using hubs

Extension: Up to 100 meters

Extension cable: UTP / STP cable w / RJ45 plug

USB version: USB 1.1 and 2.0

Ports: 2 x USB A female

supply: 24 VDC 1A included

Other: Requires only supply the local module.

Extra ports: up to 11 USB devices can be connected using. up to three hubs

Accessories: USB cable for PC connection included

2 x USB A hun