VGA forlængerkabel, DB15HD M - DB15HD F grå, 1,8 meter

Høj kvalitet med DDC/DDC2
3 x 2-lags skærm og ferritkerne mod støj

62.00 DKK
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All Danbit VGA cables are built with high quality components that help ensure perfect images -Selv through long cables. All conductors have not been passed through.

Gold pavement prevents corrosion and ensures continuous, good connection between connectors

ferrite cores at both ends Near the connectors prevent radiation of HF noise

28 AWG Coaxial conductors and 3 layers foreclosure to RGB signal

NOTE: Normally, the VGA connection should not be longer than approx. 30 meters. Use possibly. A booster / extender. Good discount is given when purchasing larger quantities!

Other lengths and colors can be manufactured as desired. Contact the sales department on tel. 56662020 or Sales @ danbit .dk