Turn on and off equipment via LAN and Internet, with Ping of stable web page to reset locked router, 4 x 230vac.

Internet Device Switching / Turning Off on 4 x 230 VAC Outlets - IEC C-13 and C-14 Input.
Web Server Built-In - Password Protected.

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Compact device to automatically turn on / off equipment at certain times from a table. The 4 outputs can be set up independently of each other. They can also be controlled with a browser via a Web server built into NPOWER4 . For NPOWER4 , a description of the protocol and software development kit is included, allowing the development of proprietary TCP / IP command management applications for NPOWER4 . The RS232 port is only used to view information such as. IP address NPOWER4 can also be controlled with ASCII commands via TCP / IP.

Switch on / off via Local and Internet. Automatic on / off based on a time table.
4 x 230 VAC voltage outlet for routers / PCs etc.
The relays are controlled via the network port.
10/100 Mbit Ethernet port w / RJ45 connector
Supports http and TCP / IP commands.
Setup via the built-in Web page.
Max. Output is 6 A (230 VAC) per port and 10 A total.

45 x 220 x 120 mm (H x B x D)
Forsyning 230 VAC