3 phase energy meter with MODBUS RTU (RS485 interface)

3 phase energy meter / logger with Windows software

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Power measurement up to 3 phases.

3-phase energy meter with RS485 MODBUS interface.

Genuine RMS power meter that takes into account the phase shift caused by capacitive and inductive loads such as eg. from a motor. Can also be used on standard 230/400 VAC equipment.

LOG3F + comes with software that can show current consumption and voltage level. The software can also store the measurements with an adjustable interval.

With LOG3F +, the consumption on the individual phases can be read as well as the total consumption. Good at determining what phase you should deliver to from a solar cell plant. Requires knowledge of the MODBUS protocol if data is to be retrieved otherwise.

A description of MODBUS can be found here http://www.modbus.org

Kan monteres på DIN-skinne. Måler V, A, VA, kW, kvar, PF, kWh, kVAh, Kvarh for de 3 faser samt samlet forbrugt i alt
-10 – 70 °C
10 – 30 VDC
3 stk. for måling på op til 3 faser
Spænding 10 – 500 VAC. Strøm 0,025 – 60 A
0,5 %
MODBUS RTU. Hastighed 9,6 19,2 eller 38,4 kbits. Adresse 1 til 64 sættes op via dip switch
Windows XP, Vista og Win7 32/64 bit. Ved datalogning gemmes data i en kommasepareret fil
RS485 og spænding via skrueterminaler. Strøm via clips til maks. kabel diameter 10mm