Access and time control with iris scanner and RFID (7000 series)

Access control with RFID and Iris scanner

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DANBIT recommends iris scanning, as security is high. The US defense and immigration authorities have learned that iris scanning is the most effective way to identify people, as it is not yet possible to copy iris just like fingerprints.

The RFID reader can be used as a supplement to iris as needed scanner.

IRIS-7111-U1 & nbsp; is a terminal with an iris scanner and an RFID reader for access control and registration of working hours, etc. IRIS-7111-U1 can be used stand-alone over long periods of time when records are stored in the terminal or it can be connected to a network to connect to a PC that can be used to configure the system and collect and process the recorded data is collected at the terminal. As an accessory, time registration software can be purchased for 50 users.

Identification: Iris / RFID Mifare Card.

Iris Scanner: Camera CMOS 5 Mpixel.

Touch Screen LCD: 4, 3 "diagonal (480 x 272 pixel).

Keyboard: 6 programmable keys.

Voice instruction: English standard.

Fingerprint capacity: Max. 20,000 users.

Number of registrations: Max.

Identification time: Less than 1 second

Reader: Optical sensor.

Distance to iris scanner: 31 - 35 cm.

Door Lock Control: 2 x relay contact with NC and NO max. 24VDC 3A.

221 x 178 x 64 mm (H x B x D)
-10º C til 50º C
12 – 24 VDC, 2A kan købes som tilbehør (IRISID-PS)
10% - 90% Rh
RJ45, RS422 (Til dør kontrol) og RS232 (til ekstern kortlæser)