15 dBi 2,4GHz Outdoor Mimo - 2 antennas in the same tube, 2 x N female. Length 41 cm, radiation H 360 ° V 23 °

Outdoor 2.4GHz omnidirectional antenna, MIMO type
2 pcs. 15dBi omni antennas in the same houses
MIMO is Multi-in, Multi-out principle
Vertical spread is 23 degrees
Horizontal spread is 360 degrees
Designed to minimize the phasing out of the radio signal
Mast mount included with 2 x N socket

450.00 DKK
Tax excluded
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MIMO antennas for WiFi equipment in the 2.4 GHz band

Multiple in, multiple out) has several antennas in the same house, each with its own connector. Used either for access points with 2 or more antenna connectors, or for multiple access points.

Height: 42cm - Diameter: 11.5cm.

15 dBi
Horisontal spredning
2 x N-type hun
Vertikal spredning