USB2 cable, USB micro A male – USB micro A male with ferrite core, 2 m - square connector.

USB2 cables with ferrite core for the USB standard
28 AWG and gold plated connectors
2 meters.
Micro cables A. (Note! Is not micro B with rounded connector)

100.00 DKK
Tax excluded
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USB2 A micro cables with ferrite

Cables with ferrite core for use in noisy environments

In its time, the USB standard was developed to connect peripherals to PCs in home and office environments. Until then, the industry mainly used serial connections such as RS485, as these are less sensitive to noise. With the introduction of USB in industry, one therefore sometimes encounters problems with electrical noise, as the level is higher than in homes and offices. By fitting a ferrite core, a large part of this noise is removed and therefore we recommend using USB cables with a ferrite core for industrial use.